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Christian Projection is a christian dating platform made by christians for christians. This christian dating site finds its foundation through two Bible passages that explain the importance of a union between man and wife. We are attentive to the distress felt by some Christians to be single. Celibacy is a time that may seem more complicated for some people than for others. We don’t support, all in the same way, this situation of loneliness. In some cases, the feeling of loneliness may be reinforced by the isolation of the single person. Indeed a separation from all sides (friends, family for example), can affect even more the subject already suffering from celibacy. Many are then singles who end up tired of waiting for the ideal person, to fall back on someone only to no longer be alone.

The values of the christian dating site christian dating site

Quantity, does not guarantee quality !

Compared to a christian dating site , a generalist dating site has a higher attendance because it’s open to everyone (but also to anyone). We place more importance on quality, rather than quantity. That’s why we thought of a site that offers christians a place to meet to get to know each other. We are very happy to contribute to happiness in the lives of the people who join us. If meetings lead to happy and lasting marriages, we will be delighted.

A welcoming christian family

To be a christian is to be part of a great christian family around the world. Our christian dating site is for single Christians to focus on affinity between members. Indeed in the Bible we understand that the spiritual compatibility comes into account in our dating. However, we don’t deny single non-christians, who are attracted by our christian values ! The christian dating site Christian Projection does not imply that christians are better than others, because of ourselves we have no merit! It’s only God who gives us grace .

Our Philosophy

Sharing, exchange, the act of giving and receiving is at the root of any balanced relationship. And this balance brings a certain durability. We need you to last and contribute to the happiness of Christians as long as possible. That’s why our services are paying, so we can maintain our work equipment and rent our computer servers.

The paid service also acts as a filter, in favor of motivated single people who naturally want to be in contact with like-minded people. A total free on a christian dating site , could contribute on a large scale to mix together motivated people (by a real project of life in couple) with curious people or adventurers.


Our  team

Our team is likely to expand, to support our development and continue to offer you a quality service. We also have a technical partner , in order to ensure a good accessibility of our services.

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Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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