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Christian-Projection is a Christian dating site . It was born from the desire to allow people to increase the chances of meeting a Christian person. At first glance, our modern society is full of ways to meet new people. However, this profusion of solutions does not always meet the expectations of single christians . Indeed there are social networks where some members boast of having thousands of friends, they do not really know though. Public transport is also conducive to new encounters as thousands of travelers meet frequently. But, how many of them are really paying attention to the people around them? Most travelers seem screwed to their headphones, or absorbed by their mobile phones. They are disconnected from the real world by their immersion in the virtual world. Yet many single people among them are frustrated paradoxically with loneliness, while they regularly bathe in the crowd.

  • Christian dating siteWhat is the spirit of the Christian dating site ?

    We want to focus on the spirit of the Christian family. It’s, par excellence, the intellectual and intangible substance that our Christian dating site tries to value for different reasons. To begin, we must know that being a Christian means being part of a large Christian family in the world. That’s, regardless of the origins, social conditions, or geographical situations, our members share the same spiritual fraternity. The family is also an affiliation, strong and lasting emotional ties. The family is a kind of chain since we all come from a family and we also aspire to create one, when we find the ideal person. It’s also what we hope for each of our members, namely to make a fruitful meeting, likely to give birth to a family.

  • Christian dating siteWho can join the christian dating site ?

    As its name suggests, Christian Projection is open to Christian singles to promote the desired Christian encounter. However, if you are attracted by Christian values and would like to share them, we are also happy to have you here. This Christian dating site is accessible to adults with a computer, a tablet or a phone (smartphone) connected to the Internet. The age of majority is from 18 years old. The minimum age is set at 18 on our Christian dating site, but there is no maximum age limit. Membership in our services is possible from any country, however Christian Projection is published in French at the moment. Translations into some very popular languages will be proposed later, in order to be accessible to the greatest number.

  • Christian dating siteMembership ahead of Christian dating

    Before making Christian meetings, it is necessary to register to have a member account. Subsequently, it is strongly recommended to complete your profile in order to personalize it as much as possible. Once you become a member, it will be possible to take a membership. Joining the Christian dating site is to choose, from the proposed formulas, the one that suits you best. The number of membership formulas, can vary without affecting a subscription in progress.

  • Christian dating siteChristian dating site and its benefits

    Christian dating site is beneficial to all single Christians without exception because it facilitates a meeting. Nevertheless, some singles will not necessarily see the value depending on the other means available to them. That said, it’s one of the most effective ways to meet people, as long as you know how to use it. Without a Christian dating site a person can have an interaction (interaction) locally and punctually with another. That is to say that this single person will be attracted or will seduce another according to a place and a defined moment. On a Christian dating site, the interaction is much more general and regular. Indeed no one can be everywhere at once. But this constraint does not exist on a dating Christian site since your profile is dematerialized. It’s therefore accessible for an indefinite number of singles at a given moment. Moreover, it’s accessible from any country, at any time. In other words you are everywhere at the same time !

    Save time, for a Christian encounter

    A dating site is a tool. And like all the tools that have been thought to improve the everyday, it facilitates a goal by reducing the time necessary for its realization. A car, for example, reduces travel time. And the car is useful, even if you can walk! It’s the same, for a Christian dating site. It is useful in optimizing the conditions of a meeting, even if it is not fundamentally essential to meet someone. The Christian dating site allows you to read the information of a profile, even before making contact, which saves time to get to know a person. In addition to take full advantage of the Christian dating site, you must know how to use it.

  • Christian dating site How to use the Christian dating site ?

    Having a tool that can improve your emotional life, but not knowing how to use it, refers to having a car that you are unable to drive. Already we must remember that a Christian dating site is for adults, because you must be of age to register. It is not a toy or a video game either. It is indeed the real, even if the virtual aspect, associated with the online meeting, reflects an existence in power and without any current effect. So our behavior on a dating site can change our situation in real life. Indeed one can pass from single status to that of married person for example. Anxious to help our members find happiness as a couple, Christian Projection has prepared a .



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