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The Christian dating site Christian Projection , is an interface dedicated to christian singles and people wishing to follow christian values . Registration on the website is free. By subscribing to our christian dating site , you become a member and you agree to respect the terms and conditions of use . The registration gives access to certain parts but it’s not sufficient to have access to the whole site. In order to have full access, it is necessary to opt for one of the subscription plans. The integration of texts, images and various media, maintenance as well as technical operation mobilize several services within Christian Projection.

The different services of the Christian dating site dating site christian

In order to meet the expectations of members and visitors to our christian dating site, there are 3 operational services. These are customer service, communication service and technical service.

Customer service deals with technical or billing issues encountered by customers. Pre-sales inquiries or other inquiries may also be processed. It is a sizeable organ because it offers a certain proximity with the customers. In addition, he can gauge the satisfaction of our Christian singles and raise their suggestions.

The communication department implements communication actions within the Christian dating site. he is led to design, create and animate the tools to promote the image of Christian Projection, in order to always improve our services. He can also rent advertising space on Christian Projection as part of an advertising campaign for advertisers.

The technical department is responsible for managing relations with christian dating site partners. He is also responsible for ensuring the reliability, performance and evolution of the Christian dating site. Some missions are left to a partner provider when they are punctual.

Edition of the Christian dating site

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We also invite you to consult our general conditions of use for any details concerning the christian dating site and the services offered.


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