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    Christian Projection is a Christian dating site, open to all our singles around the world. The focus is on the “ marriage meeting “. Indeed we hope that meetings will lead to serious relationships, which themselves will lead to strong marriages. Our team possesses a know-how soaked with a special professional conscience, because it is not just a job! It’s more than that, since in our eyes it’s a real Christian family! In addition we are proud to share your spiritual values, for a better understanding of your needs. It is with the aim of probing precisely these needs, that a survey has been designed and prepared, just for you.

    Usefulness of the survey on the Christian dating site

    Your Christian Projection dating site Christian Projection, does not sell the information collected through its polls. Our goal is to use these pieces of information to improve and adapt our services to the aspirations of our users. We wish to give you the floor and listen, so that this christian dating site is in your image.

    What is the christian dating site survey about ?

    The survey of Christian dating site can relate to different points. It can be habits, tastes, suggestions, difficulties encountered by our users. More concretely we can be interested for example in the terminal used for the connection to the site of Christian meetings. It is also possible to look at the keywords typed by the user, to get to the site. Indeed, that you type on a search engine:

    Dating for Weddings , Christian Dating Site or christian dating Website, Christian Dating platform or Christian Dating Site, Christian Dating or Christian Dating, Christian meeting Site, christian meeting Website, Dating website “

    These are some key words that may return “Christian Projection” among the results of your search. If you encounter difficulties with the dating site survey, please let us know or contact the technical service .

  • dating site, for marriageSurvey : What does marriage mean to you?

    According to a study by INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) divorces are increasing in France. And according to the newspaper Le Figaro France would be the country where we divorce the most. We are all concerned directly or indirectly with what surrounds us. Our site of “meeting for marriage” does not pretend to have a solution to this problem. Christian Projection, is a Christian dating site that hopes that each meeting will result in a strong and happy marriage. So we can not remain indifferent to these statistics either. That’s why we want to talk about that. Because putting words on a problem is the first step towards a solution.

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